The cover, “…In The Darkness,” is by a talented Spanish artist named Sergio. Browse his gorgeous works at http://aphostol.deviantart.com/

Malice in Dunderland… En Route to Candyland

Part Fiction Narrative/Part Food Blog • Recipes from the AmericasVegetarian

Check Back Every Tuesday (Posts Fall On Other Days During Wiccan Holidays)

Welcome to Dunderland (think dunderheads & Dunder Mifflin), where we explore real cooking in a world of frozen & fast food.

Need a spell? Need to release a spirit? Need to vent when you burn your brand new pot because I gave you bad recipe instructions? Send me an inbox message at https://www.facebook.com/PinupPolkadottPoizon

Beware The Jaws That Bite & The Claws That Scratch,

Queen (M)Alice


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