Vegetable Salad (Serenata)

[Un]Happy Krampusnacht! Since it’s a holiday, I chose to post a salad with a festive name: serenata (serenade, as a the serenade of flavors). This dish is part of La Cocina de Leslie’s Food of the Month Club. Be sure to check out all the side dish submissions December 15.

Vegetable Salad (Serenata)

Choose two or more of these (1 lb. each, boiled and diced): green banana, plantain, yuca, yautía, malanga, potato, batata boniato, breadfruit, yam (ñame), common sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), pumpkin, and/or squash (The most commonly used for serenata are potatoes and yuca, in which case you would use 1 lb. of red potatoes and 1 lb. or yuca. I used 1 lb. russet potato and 1 lb. common sweet potato.)

Basic vinaigrette

Spanish sweet onion 1 large: peeled

Red bell peppers 2, washed, stemmed, and seeded

Cherry or grape tomatoes, washed 26

Avocado 2, diced

1. In a blender, blend the vinaigrette with the onion and bell pepper. Use that as the salad dressing. If the taste if too strong for you (it is for me), mix it with 1 cup of mayonnaise or vegan mayonnaise.

2. Stir dressing immediately before serving.

Salad DressingRoot Vegetable Salad


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